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Here we go again! There is so much more of our great United States still to see that we have become full-timers again. In addition to seeing new sights, we will be volunteering our services at national and state parks and points of interest. Check out our diary style blog below to follow us on our travels. Also, look into our archive and check the exciting places we have seen.

Friday - Tueday, October 13-17, 2017

Friday we left around 7:30am to take the Titanium to the alignment shop in San Marcos.  We had an uneventful trip and that's how we like it.  After dropping it off we had breakfast at Connie's Café in Vista.  A very small cute café we stumbled on last year.  The owner does all the cooking, order taking and serving first thing in the morning.  Boy, she has it down to a science!  By the time we left, her son had come in to assist her and a good thing he did as she had a full house of guests in her café.  We went home to await our call telling us the Titanium was ready and by 2:00 we were off to pick it up.  We hit a lot of traffic on the way home but Gary did very well.

Saturday, we celebrated my Mom's 95th birthday!  Way to go Mom!  All the local relatives were able to attend the dinner my sister and brother-in-law arranged at the Old Spaghetti Factory in downtown San Diego.  A few of them drove down from the L.A. area including my son Bryan who is working in L.A. now.  Mom seemed to enjoy seeing everyone again and my sister did a great job planning the party.  Everyone left happy!

Sunday, Gary, Amanda and I babysat Morgan and Emma for a few hours while Bryan and Danielle went to brunch.  They rarely get time alone time when he comes home.  I can't believe it took three adults to keep the two little kids busy, but we all left exhausted.  Amanda was great helping Morgan with his Halloween craft project and Gary was helping as well.  I tried to entertain Emma while they worked on their craft project.  It was hard to get around with my injured toe.  I did get stepped on by Betsy the dog, Morgan and Emma and they all seemed to hit their target of my injured toe.  We went to lunch then drove Amanda home in Fallbrook.  Gary brought his tools so he could install the fire and CO2 detectors that were designed for the deaf.  They still make noise but in addition they relay to a flashing signaler so they can see that there is a problem.  With the recent electrical short, we are concerned for their safety. It was very hot today!

Monday, another hot day today.  We just hung around the house trying not to get too overheated.  I was going to use my Roomba to vacuum, but it has an error code and I suspect it is a battery issue. I checked in with Joyce to see how she was and to get her mail key.  The neighbors that usually pick up her mail are on vacation. I spent about an hour visiting with her and enjoying the comfort of her newly installed air conditioner.  It's hot in our home and we don't have A/C!

Tuesday, another hot day in Carlsbad!  Gary was working on the Titanium this morning trying to get the gas appliances to work, especially the refrigerator.  While he was out of the house I took the opportunity to clean the house.  It is so much easier to clean when he isn't around.  This afternoon I did our grocery shopping while Gary ran a few errands. Hopefully tomorrow will be cooler.

Thursday, October 12, 2017 Trailer juggling

Thursday we had to juggle the Titanium and cargo trailer around in the RV lot.  We need to get the Titanium out of the lot but the cargo trailer is parked in front of it.  We hitched up the cargo trailer and moved it to the side of the RV lot where we unhitched it.  Then moved the truck over to the Titanium to hitch it up.  The battery wasn't fully charged so Gary had to use the generator to get the landing gear up.  Once hitched up, we moved the Titanium out toward the front of the RV lot and then went back to hitch up the cargo trailer to move it to the back of our space.  Once again, after parking the cargo trailer in our assigned spot, we unhitched and went back to the Titanium to hitch up again.  This is a real pain in the butt!  After 1-1/2 hours of maneuvering trailers in the RV lot we drove home with the Titanium.  We had a quick lunch and Gary removed the shades and security camera from the Titanium so we could drive it to San Marcos to dump the tanks.  This is the first time Gary has pullled the Titanium on the road since he got sick last March.  He did very well driving it to San Marcos and back. Tomorrow will will take it to have the wheels aligned and bearing checked.  After 3 bearing failures we have it checked before every long trip.

Monday - Wednesday, October 9 - 11, 2017

 Monday Kristy and I met at the elementary school to enroll Jennifer for Kindergarten.  We ran into the special ed coordinator for the school and had a brief meeting to discuss Kristy's plans for Jennifer.  Then Kristy used their computer to complete the school application as they will only accept online applications.  Kristy brought all the necessary documation with her so after an hour we were finishished at school.  We both drove to Discount Tire as the low tire indicator came on again.  All the tires were okay so it must be faulty sensor.  Jennifer was hungry so we stopped at McDonald's just a half a block away for lunch and to let Jennifer play for a while on the play equipment there.

Tuesday, while getting out of the shower I hit my left big toe on the tract for the shower door.  I took my nail off and started bleeding and throbbing immediately.  Gary bandaged it up for me the best he could but I can't stand the pressure on my toe with a shoe on!  After breakfast I called my doctor to make an appointment to see him about my toe.  He was book but I was able to see the nurse practitioner.  As a diabetic I have to be careful about any wounds I may get. She did compliment Gary on his toe bandaging skills. I just tried to stay off my foot for the rest of the day, not quite what I had planned for the day, oh well!

Wednesday, well my toe is feeling less sore today.  I was able to get a shoe on without intense pain.  It still hurts but it is bearable. We had to take the truck back to Jiffy Lube as it leaked oil last night after Gary had the oil changed.  We stopped at Walmart to pick up my prescription and a few items on the way home.  We both check in on Joyce, our elderly neighbor only to find that she fell again and cut her arm.  I swear, we need an ambulance bay at the end of our street! She was in good spirits but very bruised from her fall.  She felt better knowing she wasn't the only one that got hurt this week once I told her about ripping my toenail off.  Comfort in numbers, I guess.

Friday - Sunday, October 6 - 8, 2017

Friday we made a trip to the ranch to get some items for Kristy's mobile home.  We saved the extra items we didn't use in our remodel a few years ago.  Jennifer received a crocheted cat from my mom, Great Grandma T and she was so excited to have it.  On the way home she took her new stuffed cat and her old stuffed tiger and was making noise like they were talking to each other.  It was late by the time we got home, after sitting in bumper to bumper traffic on I-5 (Friday night traffic) so we ordered a pizza for dinner.  Jennifer usually doesn't like pizza but she ate 2 slices of this one.

Saturday afternoon, we met Kristy at a tire store to replace the 12 year old spare in the Highlander as it doesn't hold air pressure anymore.  We then drove to Kristy's to deliver the stuff we brought back from the ranch yesterday and to bring Jennifer home after she spent 2 nights at our home.  I think she was ready to play with Amanda, however all she does is pick a fight with her big sister.  She definitely has a different personality at home than she does with us.  While we were at Kristy's, Gary checked all the wall outlets to verify which ones were not working.  Kristy said she found the outlets in the storage sheds were not working we she tried to dry clothes.  So 3 outlets outside, two in the kitchen and one in the laundry room were not working.  She still had the refrigerator running on the extension cord plugged in the dinning room outlet.  Gary called around and found an electrician to come out to investigate the powers outages.  Right as the electrician drove up, Kristy and I noticed an awful smell and as we walked around the mobile home looking for the source, the electrician came in with Gary.  He asked where the fuse box was and immediately noticed that two wires were touching and melting the rubber surrounding the wires.  Wow, that was a close call as they could have had a fire! The fuse box is in the master bedroom closet with clothes near it.  With all the girls being deaf, none of them would hear the smoke detector.  It's a good thing we brought back the Silent Call signalers for the deaf.  We just need to test the system after we get all new batteries for each device.  We purchased this system for Kristy's home in Flagstaff and took it out before we sold that home.  That was 10 years ago, so now we are having trouble figuring out how to connect the components.

Sunday, finally a day to ourselves!  We went to breakfast at a little local restaurant nearby, Bobby's Hidaway.  We heard they weren't getting as much business since Carlsbad changed the traffic pattern and replaced the left turn lane with an island.  Now you can only access their parking lot from the southbound lanes of El Camino Real.  We did some shopkicking after breakfast followed by our grocery shopping. We area just having a relaxing afternoon before ll hell breaks loose again this week.

Monday - Thursday, October 2 - 5, 2017

Monday I was up early for our meeting in Escondido to see if it is an appropriate placement for Jennifer. This time the school has a deaf program and there are 3 kids in the Kindergarten class. Jennifer was mesmerized watching the 3 kids using ASL.  She sees her mom and sister used it but has always been surrounded by hearing kids in preschool.  We had a short meeting before and after viewing the classroom.  Kristy wants to give it some thought as it is only a 3-1/2 hour day and Jennifer would bussed one hour there and another hour back home.  In Bonsall she was in a full day Kindergarten vs. the half  day Kindergarten in Escondido.  Gary met us in Oceanside to register the car we bought on Saturday.  We had some minor issued with the seller signing in the wrong spot on the pink slip and had to drive out to his home to have him complete another form.  We also stopped at Discount Tire to have the tires checkd and have the car transferred into Kristy's name and the warranty certificates transferred as well.  Next we drove to the sellers mechanic to get a copy of the smog certificate for AAA to enter into the DMV system.  We had a quick lunch and Kristy and I swapped cars so Gary and I could do some minor repairs on it.

Tuesday, we were both up very early and decided to go to breakfast at Tip Top.  While there we thought it would be a good idea to take the car to Toyota to see if there were any recalls on it.  As luck would have it, there were 2 minor recalls and they had time to do them today.  We rode the shuttle home only to find out we didn't have house key or garage remote.  We hung out at Joyce's until our neighbor came home to let us in. It's a good thing he has a key! This afternoon, I spent some time scraping the glue from the windshield where the seller had some parking permits.  I also tried to buff out some of the oxidation from the front headlights.  Interesting enough, I found that the WD-40 and Goo Gone I used on the sticker glue also shinned up the headlight lenses,who knew?  Kristy is going to be very happy. Amanda sent her Inter-district transfer appeal letter to the Bonsall School District.  Keep your fingers crossed that she gets her transfer!

Wednesday, I spent most of the day detailing Kristy's Highlander.  I shampooed the cloth seats, armrest and door panels in addition to the carpet in the hatch.  I have to say it looked a lot better when I finished.  Then I moved on to the the dash and center console.  I was feeling fairly good about how it looked so I tried to clean the headlights.  The plastic is extremely foggy. I was able to clean them up some but they are now hazy but so much better than they were when I started.

Thursday, Kristy sent me a text telling me her refrigerator was dead and asked if I had a cooler.  We have an electric cooler in our storage trailer so Gary and I  picked it up and I took it with me to Kristy's.  We had an appointment to visit another elementary school today, this time in Fallbrook.  None of us like it for Jennifer. I think we are out of options now. We stopped by the doctor's office to see if Amanda's Medi-Cal card worked but once again it shows as inactive.  Back to the Family Resource center we go again.  We found out that the card Kristy has for Amanda is outdated and had been replaced by a new one with a different number.  We ordered another card which will change the number again.  We stopped for lunch as the doctor's office closes at lunch time.  When we finished lunch we went back to the doctor's office to give the new number we received from Medi-Cal.  Nothing is easy when it comes to Kristy and the girls. We went back to Kristy's to move the food to the cooler from the refrigerator.  While there I checked the breakers to see if I could restore electricity to the refrigerator.  I had get her extension cord and we moved the refrigerator out and unplugged it from the wall and plugged it into the extension cord which was plugged into the dining room.  It started right up so I guess we have an electrical issue.  Kristy's dad just left for vacation so I guess we are stuck finding a solution. I brought Jennifer home with me so give Kristy a break.  I'm so afraid she might have a nervous breakdown from all the stress. I just wish one thing good would happen without something bad happening at the same time.

Monday-Sunday September 25-October 1, 2017

Monday would have been my parents 74th anniversary had my father lived.  We are happy to say that my mother is still going strong and will be 95 next month.  It is also my son and daughter-in-law's 7th anniversary today.

Wednesday, I met Kristy in Fallbrook for Jennifer's IEP meeting.  We expected to last 30-45 minutes but we were there for 2 hours.  The results of the meeting, no placement for Jennifer.  She has missed so much school because Bonsall refused her transfer and Fallbrook doesn't know where to place her as they don't have any deaf students.  Here we go again.  We spent the rest of the resolving the Medi-Cal issues and fixing Kristy's video phone so she can make phone calls via an interpreter operator. It was an 11 hour day in Fallbrook for me and I am pooped.

Thursday and Friday I searched the Internet for a replacement vehicle for Kristy.  Friday afternoon I picked up Kristy and Jennifer then drove to school to get Amanda. Amanda had to do her community service this evening so I dropped her off at her friends on the way back to our home where we picked up Gary and drove to San Diego to see a Honda Odyssey we found on the internet.  What a disappointment.  The passenger side was all dented from front to back. Ugh

Saturday around noon we drove to Vista to see another car, this time a Toyota Highlander.  I drove it and thought he felt solid so I sent Kristy a message so she could meet us to test drive it herself.  She really liked it so I sent a message to her Dad and he came to see it as well.  He ended up buying it after Gary negotiated a reduced price.  I think we got a fair deal.

Sunday we just rested up from the emotional week and just did things around the house. We really accomplished a lot this week, but had to make many trips to Fallbrook to do so.

Monday - Sunday September 18 -24, 2017

Monday morning Gary went to Lynn's office to conduct an interview of a candidate he submitted to fill a position available at Lynn's company.  This afternoon, we drove to Frankenmuth, Michigan to do some Christmas Shopping at Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, the world's largest Christmas store, aka my favorite place in Michigan.  I love Christmas!  This evening I made dinner for us at Lynn's.

Tuesday, Gary worked on some retirement planning for his brothers.  He had another interview this afternoon.

Wednesday, time to travel home; where did the time go?  We left Lynn's around 11:30 to take our rental car back to Hertz.  Lynn picked us up and we all had lunch at Mark's Coney Island in Ann Arbor on our way to the Detroit Airport.  We were once again TSA approved giving us the opportunity to go through the short security checkpoint.  We arrived early and have about 2 hours before our flight so we decided to get our walking in before we have to sit for 4 hours on the plane.  We walked the entire wing then I decided to charge my cell phone while I had the opportunity.  Our flight has been delayed so we walked our wing of gates once again.  I guess we were lucky there were so many gates as we got about 6,000 steps in by the time we had to line up for boarding.  We accidentally selected the row that the seats don't recline in so it was a fairly uncomfortably 4 hour flight.  The only good thing is that no one was in the window seat, I had the middle seat and Gary the isle.  About half way I moved to the window seat to spread out and take a quick nap.  We were short on time when we landed in Las Vegas so we quickly rushed to our gate only to find out our connecting flight was also delayed.  Wow, now we have time for a restroom stop and dinner. Our Uber driver was waiting for us when we landed.  We sent him a text after retrieving our checked baggage.  We were certainly happy to get home!

Thursday, we went to breakfast at Grandma's Restaurant in Oceanside as we didn't have any food in the house to eat.  We did some grocery shopping after breakfast then came home so Gary could take a nap.  He is not feeling well today and the long travel day yesterday wore him out.  This afternoon we ventured out to do the last of the grocery shopping.

Friday, late in the morning Gary drove me to meet Kristy at her Dad's home in Bonsall.  She cleans for her grandmother on Friday.  She has been driving my car while we were in Michigan so I can drive myself home after our school IEP meeting for Amanda this afternoon.  Gary left for home and Kristy, Jennifer and I drove to downtown Fallbrook for lunch followed by a few errands.  We had to see the mechanic to see if he had a referral for an auto body shop in case the insurance with pay for the repairs on her van.  We also stopped by the pediatrician's office to change her address and update medical insurance info before heading out tot he high school for the meeting.  No wonder Amanda hates her new high school, it looks like a prison with security guards in the parking lot and tall metal fencing.

Saturday and Sunday we just caught up on things around the house including sleep.  I am having a hard time adjusting to the time change from our trip.

Monday - Sunday, September 11 - 17, 2017

Monday, was packing day as we have to be up at 3 am tomorrow, yikes.

Tuesday, the Uber driver showed up right on time at 4:30 am for our trip to the airport. This is insane, I can't believe how many people were on the freeway at this time of the morning.  We had an uneventful flight from San Diego to Las Vegas where we had a whole 15 minutes to board our next flight to Detroit.  We had just enough time for a bathroom stop before lining up to board the plane. This flight was good as well, no turbulence, crying babies or obnoxious passengers.  All is good. Gary's sister Gail picked us up and drove us to his brother Lynn's home in Ann Arbor where will be staying. Lynn arrived home shortly before us then we went out to dinner.

Wednesday, we both slept in as we were tired from getting up so early Tuesday morning and the 3 hour time difference.  Lynn left for work and we just slept in another couple of hours.  Gail picked us up around 11:30 to take us to pick up our rental car then we all went our separate ways. We stopped in to see Lynn at work and meet a couple of the newer employees that Gary found for Lynn.

Thursday, Gary had some work to do in the morning before we ventured out.  He needed to take a resume to Lynn's office so I had him drop me off at the Briarwood Mall so I could shop.  He was only gone about an hour but that was enough time for me to walk the entire mall.  We decided to drive to his home town of Saline for lunch, about 8 miles south of Ann Arbor.  After lunch we stopped by the cemetery so Gary could see the family burial sites, something we do every time we are here.  We had a hard time finding some of the headstones so we had the groundskeeper call Gary's nephew Danny.  Danny works for the city and is in charge of the parks and cemetery.  When Danny arrived he pulled out the maps and we located the last of the relatives and made notes of the plot numbers for future reference.  We followed Danny back to city hall where he had copies of the map copied for us with the plot number of the relatives.  Gary is going to put this with his genealogy records for future generations.  We saw Mickey Jo, who also works at city hall and had a quick visit. We left to go to the Calico Cat Gift Shop only to find it is now a brewery.  I was disappointed as this was one of my favorite place to stop when visiting Saline.  It seems odd to have a brewery in what was once a church.

Friday, Gary did some recruiting for Lynn until about 1:00 then we ventured out for a little shopping around Ann Arbor.  We took Lynn to Outback for his birthday dinner tonight.  A good time was had by all.

Saturday, Gary had a few candidates to call while Lynn went for a haircut.  We ran a quick errand while Lynn was mowing his lawn. We drove by Dad and Irene's old home on our way to Lee's for the birthday party. We celebrated Lynn, Lee and Kevin's birthday and the whole family came for the birthday celebration and to see their big brother, Gary.  This is our first trip since Gary got sick last March.  Lee bar-be-qued hamburgers and everyone brought side dishes and Gail supplied the cake. After the party we stopped by Kevin and Sally's to see how their home remodel is going. 

Kevin, Lynn & Lee - the 3 birthday boys!

Gary, Lee, Kevin, Lynn and Gail

Sunday we all worked on our computers in the morning.  Gary was recruiting for Lynn, Lynn was trying to see if my laptop was worth saving and I played on my I-Pad.  What a bunch of boring people we are. We drove over to Gail's new home to see her before she leaves on her trip to Italy tomorrow.  It's a very nice large home on a corner lot with a huge yard.

Monday - Sunday, September 4-10, 2017

Monday was Labor Day and my clothes dryer decided not to work.  I guess it didn't want to labor on Labor Day!  Our neighbor Joyce was kind enough to let me dry the load I washed this morning.  We have great neighbors on our block.  After I finished the laundry, Gary and I went shopping for a new dryer.  We're haven't decided whether to just get a new dryer or a new washer/dryer combo yet.  The washer still works but it is old and on it's last leg too.  I suspect it won't last much longer, however, I don't like it, so with my luck it will last a long time.  It was a set that was in Bryan's home when they moved in two years ago but they had their own and we just moved back into our house and didn't have any.  So, as my husband would say, "free is good".

Tuesday morning we had to make another trip to Kristy's so I washed a load of clothes and took them with us to dry in her dryer.  Well, that worked out well for us.

Wednesday we continued shopping for a new washer/dryer on the way back from Kristy's.  Gary had some work to do so I took him home and went back out appliance shopping.  I think we will end up getting our new washer/dryer at the Sears Outlet Center in Oceanside.  They have a brand new set in the box ready for delivery tomorrow.

Thursday, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our new appliances and around 11:30 I received a call saying the delivery truck broke down so no delivery today.

Friday the appliances finally arrived around 2:30 and were out of there in no time.  Now I can catch up with the laundry before we leave on our trip to Michigan.

Saturday and Sunday we were getting ready for our trip.

Monday - Sunday, August 28 - September 3, 2017

There is just one word to describe this week, hot!  We've had the strangest weather this week. We have been busy with trips to Kristy's a couple of times.  It really isn't that far but there is just no way to get there without going through city streets which seems to take forever.  Saturday was so hot and humid that Gary and I stayed up very late as it was too hot to sleep.  I really wish we had A/C.  Apparently, the high pressure moved during the night bringing in hot air from the desert instead of cool air from the ocean.  It was 84 at 10:00 pm and 91 at 3:00 am.

We have friends posting photos of the smoke from the fires in Oregon and other with the devastation in Texas.  It makes me wonder what this winter weather will bring.

Sunday, I had the opportunity to babysit my youngest granddaughter, Emma, while Danielle took Morgan to see a movie.  They were supposed to go to the Padre game but the pre-game and family events were cancelled due to rain. Hot and raining reminds me of summer in Michigan.

Monday - Sunday, August 21-27, 2017

We have been busy this week.  Gary has been recruiting for his brother's company again.  I've made several trips to Kristy's to help her with her apartment cleanup and delivering food for her new home. Gary made one trip with me to repair a few broken items before her final walk through.  The manager seemed please so I guess that is the last of her apartment.  She has been there nearly 6 years, moving in when Jennifer was 6 weeks old and Jennifer will be 6 years old next month. Kristy is definitely happy to get out of that one bedroom apartment.

Thursday was my birthday and for the first time in 32 years, Gary forgot my birthday.  Oh well, I guess he is still recovering from his illness.

Saturday, Gary and I met my sister, mother, brother-in-law and Uncle Johnny at Venice Pizza House for my birthday dinner.  It was nice of them to remember and treat us to the best Pizza in San Diego. I'm not just saying it's the best, it was voted Best Pizza this year.  We have been going there since they opened in the 1950's and the owners are friends of our family.

Amanda suggested that we take a trip on Route 66 since I just turned 66.  Great idea Amanda.

Monday - Sunday, August 14 -20, 2017

This week we had another doctor's appointment for Amanda for her concussion; good new is that she has shown improvement this week.  Jennifer had an appointment to get her immunizations and  Kindergarten check up. The doctor said Jennifer has a heart murmur and is referring her to a cardiologist.  She also has something wrong with one of her eyes and is getting a referral to an Ophthalmologist.  It seems one eye doesn't focus very well.

Gary and I had to get our cargo trailer out of storage so we can help Kristy move this weekend.  Unfortunately it is parked behind the Titanium.  We had to hitch up the Titanium move it about 50 feet out of the way then unhitch it to hitch up the cargo trailer.  We pulled the trailer out of the way then unhitched it to hitch up the Titanium and back it up in the corner of the lot.  Then we had to unhitch the Titanium so we could hitch up the cargo trailer and make the mile drive home.  Of course Gary forgot to bring the battery for the Titanium so we had to start and stop the generator every time we had to raise or lower the landing gear.  All in all it took nearly 2 hours to maneuver the two trailers around our small storage lot. 

Saturday Gary and I took the truck and trailer to Kristy's in Bonsall where we loaded it with mostly boxes and a few pieces of furniture.  We lucked out as there were two young men there doing charity work for their church and they loaded most of the boxes for us.  When the trailer was full, we drove to Kristy's new place in Fallbrook where we all unloaded it.  Well, that took all day and we are all pooped.  We took Jennifer home with us since there wasn't a place for her to sleep in the new place yet.  We stopped for dinner on the way home and she ate every last bite of her dinner and so did we.

Sunday, I had to babysit Morgan and Emma for a short time while Danielle picked up their dog from the ER.  Betsy got in a dog fight and the other dog bit her in the neck and ear so Betsy needed surgery.  Gary stayed home with Jennifer while I watch the other grandkids. When I got home we left to meet Kristy at her apartment to pack up the rest of her stuff.  We left the truck and trailer at her apartment complex and drove my car home last night. Terry and Michael were there to move the heavy stuff since Gary still can't bend over without losing his balance as he is still recovering. Another log day of moving but the girls are in their new place.  Now they just have to unpack everything which is piled up in boxes all over the living room. 

Monday - Sunday, August 7-13, 2017 Happy Birthday Amanda

It's been a busy week, starting with a doctor's appointment on Monday for Amanda.  Unfortunately, she still has a concussion from the car accident July 13th.  Her birthday was Wednesday and she wanted to go to the Overseas Chinese Restaurant for lunch.  We invited Danielle and the kids to join us for our lunch followed by cake, ice cream and more importantly, presents.  We gave Amanda a new cell phone and she was happy to give up her old i-Phone 4S. It was my old phone and it has a broken screen and cover after Amanda has finished with it.  Later, Gary took Amanda out to pick out her new protective cover while Kristy and I cleaned up.

Monday - Sunday August 1-6, 2017

First of all I would like to say, I am sick of the heat and humidity!  It isn't supposed to get this hot or humid here that's why we don't have A/C.

My laptop is officially terminal.  I can hardly get it to work and when I do the keyboard doesn't work.  I type one letter then I have to wait until the computer catches up, then another letter and the curser bounces all over the place.  The only way I can continue is to hit the escape backspace to remove the last letter then type another letter.  Let me tell you that it takes forever to get one sentence written.

Friday, I met Kristy at her apartment to accompany her to the mobile home park to meet the manager and turn in her application.  The manager seems very nice but unfortunately, Kristy didn't have all the necessary paperwork so we will have to reschedule.  Apparently, her Dad has the other forms with him at work.  The owner of the mobile home came into the office while we were talking with the manager and invited us back to her home so I could see the inside since I wasn't with them when they toured the mobile home.

Today is our other granddaughter, Katie's birthday.  Happy birthday Katie!  Wish we could be there to help you celebrate.

Sunday, July 30, 2017 Car Wash

It was a little cooler today when Gary got up so he decided to wash my Rav4; and boy did it need it! I did a few loads of laundry while waiting for him to finish washing the car.  After getting cleaned up, we had a late breakfast then did some shopping.  I made BBQ ribs for dinner, something I don't normally make.