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Here we go again! There is so much more of our great United States still to see that we have become full-timers again. In addition to seeing new sights, we will be volunteering our services at national and state parks and points of interest. Check out our diary style blog below to follow us on our travels. Also, look into our archive and check the exciting places we have seen.

Friday, July 14, 2017 Car Accident

Last night Kristy and the girls were in a car accident on their way home.  A teenager, driving way over the speed limit, ran a red light and hit Kristy's van.  All of them escaped serious injury but were very shaken up with the experience.  We spent most of today, making phone calls, filing out reports and getting her van out of storage. Unfortunately, we discovered she didn't have collision coverage on her van, so if they other person doesn't have insurance coverage, she is without a vehicle.  We just put about $9,000 of repairs into her van; I hope that it isn't wasted.  The most important thing is that they are all okay.

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