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Here we go again! There is so much more of our great United States still to see that we have become full-timers again. In addition to seeing new sights, we will be volunteering our services at national and state parks and points of interest. Check out our diary style blog below to follow us on our travels. Also, look into our archive and check the exciting places we have seen.

Sunday - Monday, February 18 -19, 2018

Mom's condition worsened overnight so after calling the nurse hotline, we drove her to the nearest urgent care about 40 miles west of the ranch.  The doctor gave her a steroid and prescription and we stopped at the pharmacy on the way home.  Poor Mom!  She has had a lot of issues, one right after another recently.  Good thing we are here with her while Connie and Dennis are gone.

Monday, was cooking marathon day for me.  I made Honey's dog food in the instant pot.  One batch of rich and 2 batches of chicken.  I made 22 meals so that will last only 11 days.  This evening I made a bath of Minestrone soup in the Instant Pot.  I'm getting used to using it now.  Good thing Mom and I have the same model.  Soup always comes out good, so far!  I'm made, chicken soup, split pea soup and Minestrone soup so far.  Rice seems to be the only thing I can't get just right, it is always sticky instead of fluffy.  I think I need to reduce the amount of water I use.  Practice, Practice, Practice, I say!  I only made it for the dog food and Honey doesn't care if it is sticky or not, thank goodness.

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