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Here we go again! There is so much more of our great United States still to see that we have become full-timers again. In addition to seeing new sights, we will be volunteering our services at national and state parks and points of interest. Check out our diary style blog below to follow us on our travels. Also, look into our archive and check the exciting places we have seen.

Thursday - Saturday, February 15 - 17, 2018

Gary and I have some catching up to do since we have spent a lot of time at my Mom's lately.  Thursday we decided to go out to breakfast before running our errands.  We used to eat at The Pantry in Vista but they closed a few months ago.  We have notice some remodeling going on there and have been anxiously awaiting the grand opening.  They changed the name to Pegah's and for the most part the layout is unchanged.  They did paint the entire interior, remodeled the restrooms and recovered all the booths.  Unfortunately the food wasn't as good as the previous owners and they no longer have the pie display case so I guess no more pie to go.  I don't think we will return, bummer.

Friday, we finished our errands and gassed up my Toyota for our next trip to the ranch.

Saturday, I cleaned the house in the morning before leaving for the ranch at noon.  Here we go again. My sister called to say that Mom is having an allergic reaction to her antibiotics and had me stop at the pharmacy on the way. Once we arrived, I checked out the rash and it was really bad.  We decided to see if the medication I picked up made any difference overnight and re-evaluate her condition in the morning.  Connie and Dennis left for their quick trip to Modesto this afternoon.

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