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Here we go again! There is so much more of our great United States still to see that we have become full-timers again. In addition to seeing new sights, we will be volunteering our services at national and state parks and points of interest. Check out our diary style blog below to follow us on our travels. Also, look into our archive and check the exciting places we have seen.

Saturday - Sunday, March 10 - 11, 2018

Saturday it rained most of the day.  I really don't care for rainy days but we really need the water here in Southern California.  Tonight we have to change our clocks again for Daylight Saving Time.  I miss living in Arizona where they don't change time.  My sleep cycle is all messed up to begin with then we change time and messes me up even more. 

Sunday was cloudy but no rain here today.  I checked the rain gauge this morning and we go just a little more than 1/2 inch of rain from this storm.  We are expecting another storm later this week.  Gary wanted to go out for breakfast this morning.  He restaurant choice was Tip Top where we always get a good breakfast at a reasonable price. 

This evening is the return of American Idol; I have to say I am so excited this show has returned.  I find it very uplifting, besides I just love music. Lionel Richie, Hello! I'm not sure if the chemistry between the three judges will be a good as past judges; only time will tell.

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