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Here we go again! There is so much more of our great United States still to see that we have become full-timers again. In addition to seeing new sights, we will be volunteering our services at national and state parks and points of interest. Check out our diary style blog below to follow us on our travels. Also, look into our archive and check the exciting places we have seen.

Saturday - Sunday, March 3 - 4, 2018

Saturday is cleaning day this week.  I have been going back and forth to my mom's for the last 4 weeks and I really need to catch up on the housework.  I just can't seen to get it all done in one day anymore, guess I'm just getting too old for this.  Gary did help by dusting for me and moving the furniture around. I only have two rooms left to do tomorrow. My back hurts from washing the floors on my hands and knees. It was a good day to be indoors as we got about 1/2 inch of rain today.

Sunday, we were out of milk so I made eggs for breakfast this morning.  I finished cleaning and doing the laundry before we went out to do some grocery shopping.  At least it isn't raining today.

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